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Here is the "Navigational Page" for my Web Site and all the services offered by W2AGZ Technologies

Paul Grant, PhD
"Top Science Gun for Hire"

What I've Done...
What I'm Doing Now...
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What I've Done...
Selected accomplishments during my years with IBM and EPRI (for details, see

  • Pioneered early IBM developments in laboratory automation, holder of two patents in this technology

  • Co-founded IBM's research program in organic metals

  • Fundamental contributions to electronic structure of organic metals

  • Initiated IBM research effort on the magnetoresistance effect which is used today in all hard drives

  • Member of task forces that initiated efforts to develop IBM's current storage and display products

  • Initiated and led research effort at IBM Almaden on high temperature superconductors

  • Co-inventor on international patent for high temperature superconductivity

  • Pioneered high school education projects on high temperature superconductors

  • Managed EPRI's strategic programs on high temperature superconductivity and wide bandgap semiconductors

  • Arranged an industrial alliance on high temperature superconducting wire which earned EPRI a $2.3 M ROI

  • The SuperCable, SuperCity and All-Superconducting Substation visions

  • Apprised and advised EPRI Executives and utility oversight committees on a broad range of emerging energy technologies, e.g., advanced "hot" fusion, hydrogen, power electronic devices, power line communications and security

  • Served as EPRI's "lightening rod" to debunk a number of "energy forever" claims that violated the Second Law of Thermodynamics, and other instances of careless or fraudulent science (see my article on the infamous 2002 " Bell Labs Scandal")

  • Authored a number of prize-winning presentations and articles on energy science and technology
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What I'm Doing Now...
In February, 2004, I retired from EPRI and formed W2AGZ Technologies.  My current projects are (for exact details, Contact Me):

  • Visiting Scholar in Applied Physics at Stanford University (this is an unpaid staff position with faculty privileges...fame, but no fortune) working on density functional stability calculations for various prospective transition metal oxide compounds

  • Consultant to EPRI on the SuperGrid vision

  • Consultant to EPRI on Stanford project to search for new cuprate perovskite compounds

  • Reviewer of the DOE/OETD program for power applications of superconductivity

  • Continuing to "imagineer" new energy delivery concepts, e.g., the SuperCable, enabling the co-transmission of electrical and chemical power

  • Freelance writer and speech giver on energy science and policy issues

  • Giving talks at key superconductivity conferences (go to Presentations)

  • Collecting background for my forthcoming book on the discovery of high temperature superconductivity

  • Building computers and evaluating software (visit About This Site)

  • Learning how to construct web this one!

  • Spending quality time with family and busy raising my final teenager, Diego Patrick
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What I Can Do for You...
Here's some of the stuff I'm good at...there's more...go to Resumé.  If you see a skill I can apply to your business requirements and issues, Contact Me.

  • Assessing both the promise and problems of emerging energy science and technology...two examples, one past and another more recent (hydrogen).

  • Early identification of discoveries that may have eventual commercial importance, for example, HTSC coated conductors and MgB2.

  • Serving as a detective exposing incidents of "bad science," such as reports of "unidentified superconducting objects," and experimental findings "too good to be true."  The former review won Nature's "Scientist as Science Writer Award."

  • Making "Rotary Club" type presentations clarifying complex scientific and energy issues to lay politicians and their staffs.  Here's a talk I gave to a conference of state legislators.

  • Assisting media journalists (press and TV) in understanding the relevance (or lack thereof) of emerging scientific or technology developments (latest on a second season episode of MythBusters).

  • "Imagineering."  See my Physics Today essay predicting the discovery of superconductivity at room temperature in 2028, and my 2003 presentation at Rockefeller University's workshop, "The Next 1000 Years."

  • Covering and summarizing major scientific conferences and events.  Read about the "Woodstock of Physics."

  • Reviews of recently published books on science, science history and science policy.  Have a look at two of my personal favorites, " A Thread Across the Ocean," and "Politicizing Science."

  • Posing as an ageing male model (15 Minutes of Fame in 1987).
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