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Random Bits of W2AGZ Media Appearances...Or Not!

        Zero Minutes of Fame! (kudos Andy Warhol)
In 1968, the American Artist Andy Warhol infamously remarked, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes."  For me it has been  more often a case of "0 minutes!"  As one of my EPRI colleagues remarked recently, "Sic Gloria Transit Grant!"  Following are two examples where I wound up on the cutting room floor.  Well, that's Show Biz!

It was the summer of '87 and high temperature superconductivity was the rage.  One of my most favorite...and oft-told tales...concerns one afternoon in late March that year, a week or two following the Woodstock of Physics held in the Hilton Hotel, mid-town Manhattan, I was standing in line at a local Safeway where I lived.  I had in my "out basket" three or four copies of that week's issues of Time, Newsweek and US News and World Report.  The checkout clerk asked me why I wanted so many copies...and I answered, "I don't think there will ever be a time again in my life when I'm quoted in the same week in the three major news magazines in America."  The guy next to me in line looked around and said, "Are you one of those TV evangelists?"  Check out what else was in the news in the Spring of 1987 and you'll get it.

(more about the photo later)

60 Minutes...April, 2009...Behind the camera story under construction.




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