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SuperGrid 2 Proceedings

Sponsored by the Lounsbery Foundation & EPRI

25 - 27 October 2004
University of Illinois, Urbana - Champaign

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Jesse Ausubel

Tom Overbye

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In late 2002, under a grant from the Lounsbery Foundation, the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Illinois organized a conference in Palo Alto to examine the viability of the SuperGrid concept. This workshop, SuperGrid 1, concluded there were no fundamental technical barriers to achieving the vision. Its report is in the Appendices below and can also be found at the UIUC SuperGrid Website and on the SuperGrid Pages of Paul Grant’s Website. The latter site contains additional extensive background and historical material on the technologies underlying the vision. One of the recommendations of SuperGrid 1 was to hold a follow-on workshop that would examine in some detail those issues, both technical and societal, that would require further attention and provide a program agenda to be undertaken by academic, governmental and industrial entities. These present Proceedings contain the preliminary and “unfiltered” findings of SuperGrid 2 which was held under the co-sponsorship of the Lounsbery Foundation and EPRI.


We will follow roughly the chronological order of the presentations as found in the Workshop Agenda, except we will insert after each plenary talk those comments fed back by the relevant “break-out” sessions so that the reader can easily associate the two temporally separate and sometimes parallel events. This document should be read with a browser compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 containing an Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher plug-in. All presentations and feedback media have been translated to PDF format. Some detail will be lost from PowerPoint files that contain extensive animation. The individual authors should be contacted to obtain these source documents. To view the video interview with Chauncey Starr, the browser should have Windows Media Player 9.0 or its equivalent plug-in available. Each link will open in a separate window to ease comparative viewing. Each PDF document can be printed, including the PDF version of what you’re reading now.


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Public Lecture
Big Ways to Decarbonize the Energy System
Jesse Ausubel, Rockefeller University

Welcome and Agenda
Tom Overbye, UIUC

SuperGrid Vision
Chauncey Starr, EPRI (video interview by Paul Grant)

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Technical Topics (Quick Links)


SuperCable Power Control Power System Integration Hydrogen
Nuclear Underground Environment Construction
Paul Grant, W2AGZ Technologies,
EPRI Science Fellow (retired)
Panel Feedback
Grant – Outreach
McCarthy – LIPA Cable
Power Control
Bob Lasseter, U Wisconsin-Madison
Panel Feedback
Issues and Challenges
The Way Forward
Power System Integration
Bob Thomas, Cornell
Panel Feedback
Issues and Challenges
The Way Forward
Robert Schainker, EPRI
Panel Feedback
Hydrogen SG Agenda
Hydrogen SG Projects
Wes Myers, LANL
Panel Feedback
Nuclear Breakout Group
INEEL Program
Underground Construction/Tunneling
Ed Cording, UIUC
Panel Feedback
Present Technology and Industry Status
The Way Forward
Environmental Engineering
Wayland Eheart, UIUC
Panel Feedback
Research Needs
Summary Statement
SuperGrid Construction Challenges
Craig Smith, DMJM

Close & Appendices

Closing Remarks Appendices
Wishes and Actions
Jesse Ausubel, Rockefeller University
A. Attendee List
B. Steve Eckroad’s Minutes
C. Script of Jesse’s Public Lecture
D. US Energy Overview 1949 – 2003
E. Paul’s Potential Project Picks
F. PDF of This Document
G. SuperGrid 1 Report

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