Twente Workshop-November 2009
Workshop Web Site

Presentations by Paul Michael Grant

Activities and Plans in the US
- A Sober Assessment of Opportunities and Realities -

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Power Engineering Society

Phil Harris' TresAmigas November 2009 Presentation

Extreme Energy Makeover
 - SuperCities and SuperGrids -

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Physics Colloquium UC Davis

Ohlone Lunch Talk
Physics World: Extreme Energy Makeover

Electronic Structure of Rocksalt Copper Monoxide
 - A Proxy for High Temperature Superconductivity -

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Peer Reviewed Background

A Twente Anthology
Contents of a USB Stick Folder distributed by "popular demand" to
3TUW09 attendees containing links to various PMG website documents of interest

To see how much electricity Californians are using right now, click here
Now have a look at Stanford's Jasper Ridge Sun Field Station
For the rest of the country, go to Current Energy




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