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A Symbiosis of

 Technologies supplying Carbon-free, Non-Intrusive Green Energy

for all Inhabitants of Planet Earth


SuperGrid 2

Sponsored by the Lounsbery Foundation & EPRI

25 - 27 October 2004
University of Illinois, Urbana - Champaign

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Overview & Agenda
!!! 10-16-04 Final Agenda !!!

Top Goals Attendance Format
Focus SuperCable Hydrogen Control
Integration Nuclear Underground Environment


  • Formulate technical task description of R&D necessary to carry vision forward
  • Create R&D agenda for DOE, utilities, universities and industry – who does what, where, when and for how much?
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  • 60 – 75 people
  • By invitation primarily, with pre-assigned “working group” participation as determined by core expertise of attendees
  • Mix of specialists, interested parties and press, policy makers
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  • Orientation toward disciplined group participation, concentrating on technical issues.
  • Day sessions to consist of a morning plenary followed by facilitated afternoon breakouts.  Each breakout would be guided by rapporteurs,  with an appropriate panel of “experts” questioned by the audience.
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Technical Focus Areas:

  • SuperCable: Design study of a dc superconducting cable for the dual delivery and storage of hydrogen and electric energy.
    - Flex vs rigid
    - Electricity-to-hydrogen power delivery ratio
    - Wire technology (e.g., MgB 2 or HTSC)
    - Cold H2 gas or LH2 for cryogen
    - Coax or mono
    - Magnetic field force issues
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  • Hydrogen: Hydrogen supply and infrastructure necessary to support the SuperGrid, novel production methods, distribution vs. storage, safety.


    - Electrolysis vs. thermocatalysis

    - Methods of electrolysis

    - Impact of and on hydrogen economy

    - Hydrogen as storage of electricity

    - Safety
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  • Power Control: Controlling power flow on a dc superconducting cable at low voltage and high current. 

    - Power management by voltage control with VSCs

    - IGBTs or GTOs

    - Cryo silicon bipolars

    - Large area device platforms

    - Integration with conventional ac system
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  • Electric Grid Integration: Integrating the SuperGrid with the existing electric grid.

    - Steady-state operational impacts

    - Transient stability, generation adequacy, and steady-state, contingency analysis 

    - Distribution: fault impacts, and impacts of a potentially large electrolysis load

    - Controllable load synergies
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  • Nuclear: Powering the SuperGrid – underground HTGC nuclear reactors in salt caverns and other approaches.

    - Above ground or underground
    - Waste storage, reprocessing, breeding

    - Novel designs (other than HTGCR)

    - Long term prospects for fusion
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  • Underground Construction and Tunneling:
    - Boring, tunneling or trenching?
    - GPS deep underground
    - Obtaining ROWs: Who owns what and how far down?
    - Longevity (are the Petersburg excavations still there?)
    - NYC water tunnels: Lessons learned
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Environmental Engineering:
- Water availability
- What do you do with the "waste" oxygen?
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